Do you know who Kevin Mitnick is?

Kevin is currently a digital security consultant and has a very radical past when it comes to hacking.

He was once considered one of most wanted hackers in the world by the FBI because it had attacked about 40 American companies just for the challenge.

He even released several books and became a great author recognized worldwide both for his achievements in the past and in the present.

So get to know today the story of the greatest hacker the world has ever known, Kevin Mitnick!

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It all started with bus tickets ...

Still very young at about 12 years old Kevin wearing a social engineering technique got a way to bypass bus tickets and walk around Los Angeles for free.

Social engineering has always been Kevin's forte, bus tickets were just the beginning, later he would use his skills to hit bigger targets.

At 16, he broke into the Digital Equipment Corporation network and illegally downloaded a copy of their software, that was 1979.

This invasion earned Kevin a 1988 prison sentence in 1988 plus 3 years of supervised freedom.

When he was about to end his freedom, Kevin ended up hacking Pacific Bell computers at a telephone company at the time, simply to monitor the voicemail of the officers who were investigating him.

Soon after the attack on Pacific Bell a new arrest warrant was issued and at that point he decided to flee and became the most wanted hacker by the FBI at the time.

Kevin was reportedly a fugitive for about 3 years and during that time he did not stop.

He used cloned phones to hide his location and hacked dozens of large companies.

Even getting copies of software from companies like Motorola, Novell and Sun Microsystem.

In one call Kevin was able to teach an employee to pack the Motorola MicroTAC Ultralite source code and send it via FTP to him.

His goal in this attack was to better understand how the software worked and then change it to prevent it from being tracked by the feds.

Finally Kevin Mitnick is arrested by the FBI

After a long search, on February 15, 1995, the FBI was able to arrest Kevin at his North Carolina apartment.

He was accused of crimes such as piracy, computer hacking, interception of communication among other charges.

With it were found cloned cell phones, more than 100 codes of cloned cell phones and false identities.

In 1999 he pleaded guilty to the crimes committed and received a sentence of 46 months in prison and another 22 months for violating terms of his previous sentence.

A curious fact is that Kevin was kept in a federal prison and for a year he was in solitary because the police convinced the judge that with a simple phone call he could launch nuclear missiles!

Kevin was imprisoned for 5 years until he gained his supervised freedom on January 21, 2000, initially he was banned from using any communication technology other than a landline.

Kevin Mitnick has become a respected digital security consultant

After paying for his crimes, Kevin decided it was time to work so that companies would not fall victim to people like him.

Today he owns and advises Mitnick Security Consulting, a company that tests the security of other companies.

The company founded by Kevin was known to obtain 100% of success in all the invasions to companies that hire them.

So Kevin Mitnick is still "hacking" companies, but now with a legal contract to do so.

In addition, Kevin has released several books telling his story as America’s most wanted hacker by the FBI and lectures on Digital Security.

reference: TechStart

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