This Agreement is signed between FELIPE AUGUSTO JESUS DOS SANTOS 40409736821 - CNPJ: 36.438.319 / 0001-40 (Maintainer) from (Portal), is that you (Writer) that will send your articles to the Portal.

To have your registration approved and your articles published on the Portal, you agree that:

  1. It is forbidden to publish content of a pornographic, racist, abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory nature or matters that violate any Brazilian or international law or that harm other people in any way;
  2. He will write only on matters pertinent to the area of information technology (IT);
  3. Writing for Portal receive no financial amount from the Maintainer and also will not have a share in any revenue from the Portal;
  4. All financial obligations (hosting, domain, taxes and others) linked directly or indirectly to the Portal will be the responsibility of Maintainer, with the Writer exempt from these obligations;
  5. There are no labor obligations or bonds of any kind between Writer and Maintainer, this being a voluntary activity;
  6. In the absence of ties, the Writer you may stop sending your articles at any time without the need for prior notice or any payment to Maintainer, and may even request the removal of the articles now published;
  7. THE Maintainer reserves the right to remove and / or change articles if they violate any of the items mentioned above, any Brazilian law or if they are not in accordance with Brazilian spelling and grammar;
  8. THE Maintainer does not guarantee any kind of return, be it financial, recognition or any other, nor will it be responsible for the contents and ideas exposed in the published articles, these being attributed exclusively to the Writer;
  9. The contents published in the Portal may be disseminated on the Internet (through forums, social networks, copies, etc.), Writer request removals and / or changes if you feel injured in any way;
  10. Will to Writer investigate and intervene, if necessary, by copies without authorship assignments. Whenever possible, the Maintainer intervene in problems related to copies of articles without prior authorization;
  11. In order to obtain a better exposure of the profile on the Internet, Writer undertakes to keep its data always up to date on the Portal;
  12. Whenever possible, he will respond politely to comments made by visitors about his published articles, taking into account that comments will not always be positive;
  13. Non-constructive comments, insults, threats, defamatory, SPAM content or that violate any law or any item mentioned in this term, will be removed without notice;
  14. This term may be changed without prior notice and will always be available at the same internet address -;
  15. Other observations, such as drafting rules, are published in
  16. By registering and submitting your articles for publication, you automatically agree to the terms described above.

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