Quarantine increases demand for Microsoft Azure by 775%

Microsoft has revealed an increase in the use of Azure as employees are working from home amid the current coronavirus crisis. The company also revealed some important changes to Azure to address demand and ensure that the service runs smoothly.

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On a blog post , Microsoft confirmed that it recorded a 775% increase in demand in regions that imposed social distance or order shelter. In addition, Microsoft has revealed the following statistics around its services:

  • We saw an increase of 775% in the number of phone calls and monthly staff meetings over a period of one month in Italy, where orders for social distance or shelter on the spot were applied.
  • We have seen a very significant increase in the use of teams and now we have more than 44 million daily users. These users generated more than 900 million minutes of team meetings and calls daily in a single week.
  • The use of the Windows virtual desktop has increased by more than 3x.
  • Public use of public Power BI to share COVID-19 panels with citizens increased by 42% in one week.

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Clearly, Microsoft is currently overwhelmed with usage numbers that have increased in recent weeks due to the coronavirus outbreak. The rest of the publication appears to be a general FAQ about Microsoft services. The company also ensured that the increase in demand will not have a negative effect on Azure.

Despite the significant increase in demand, we had no significant interruptions in service. As a result of increased usage in the last week, we had significant demand in some regions (Northern Europe, Western Europe, Southern United Kingdom, Central France, Eastern Asia, Southern India and Southern Brazil) and we are seeing rollouts for some calculations the types of resources in these regions fall below the typical 99.99% success rates.
- Microsoft (in case of service interruption)

To better support customers of our teams around the world and accommodate new growth and demand, we made some temporary adjustments to select non-essential features, such as how often we check for user presence, the interval at which we show when the other party is typing and video resolution. These adjustments have no significant impact on the daily experiences of our end users.
- Microsoft (in teams)

Microsoft will provide regular updates on Azure and other services. The company has been working hard to ensure that all services work as planned. Microsoft recently announced some changes to teams and Office 365 to reduce the burden on services and the Internet. However, Microsoft is not the only company forced to take drastic action. Last week, YouTube and Netflix reduced the quality of the video to reduce tension on the internet.
reference: MSPowerUser

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