Why collaborate?

Dicas de Infra has become a reference among Brazilian portals focused on the Information Technology (IT) area, receiving many visits monthly.

If you are an IT professional or have articles related to the area, you can use the structure of Dicas de Infra to spread your knowledge to the Brazilian IT Community!

Some of the advantages of being a columnist:

  • Your profile (name, links, biography) will have great exposure on the Internet;
  • Your articles can be read, commented on and shared thousands of times;
  • The Infra Tips is well ranked on search engines;
  • The TIPS below has a great community on the social networks;
  • Helping people. a noble gesture exercised by noble people;
  • It's free! You only care about creating your content, the rest is up to us.

What can I write for the Infra Tips?

Dicas de Infra addresses the most varied topics of information technology, such as: technical tutorials, IT governance, information security, career, certifications, project management, job market and others.

Rules for publishing articles

  • Free of charge, only articles will be accepted on behalf of an individual (professionals in the field);
  • We don't publish free articles with an advertising focus (on behalf of companies, product / service releases, etc.);
  • Your article will not be published until it is reviewed and approved;
  • Usually the review takes no more than 72 business hours (will depend on the number of pending items);
  • Be sure to cite sources / authors if you have used any reference for the preparation of your article;
  • Content with less than 600 words;
  • Very large articles (over 2 thousand words) must be divided in various articles (Part 1, Part, etc.);
  • To ensure quality, articles considered to be confusing or with many spelling errors (accents, concordance, etc.) will not be published;
  • We do not guarantee the publication of articles and we reserve our right to make any adjustments we deem necessary, whether these are for content increase, spelling correction or agreement (the columnist, if he deems it necessary, may contest or suggest new adjustments);
  • We will not warn about unpublished content, but we can keep in touch in the case of interesting articles that need improvement by the author;

Publish your article now!

Ufa! There are many rules, but these are to guarantee total transparency!

To start publishing, just read our collaboration term, create your registration (after reading the term) and send your articles. That simple!!




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