Portugal creates special visa to attract Brazilians who work with IT

In economic recovery, with falling unemployment and trying to consolidate itself as a technological pole, Portugal created a special visa to attract technology professionals from outside the European Union.

Baptized Tech Visa, the new visa has as one of its main targets the Brazilian IT professionals. In addition to being less bureaucratic than many work visas, the Tech Visa it is also faster, since you are entitled to an accelerated queue for analyzing processes.
To be eligible for the technological visa, the applicant must be recruited by companies that have joined the program with the Portuguese Ministry of Economy.
Companies selected to recruit foreigners through the Tech Visa they are required to demonstrate that they are innovative and have growth potential for foreign markets as well.
In the first five months in force, 85 companies are accredited and at least another ten are being analyzed by the Portuguese government.
“Through Tech Visa it is possible to attract and retain talent, whose productivity contributes to economic growth as a source of activity and employment”, explains, in a note, the Deputy Minister of Economy of Portugal, Pedro Siza Vieira.
The program, he adds, "also fulfills the government's purpose of promoting the attraction of immigrants, in this case highly specialized".
Although the average salary in Portugal is lower than in other countries that also have a special visa for IT professionals, such as Canada, Germany and the Netherlands, the Portuguese bet on similarities with Brazil to get the better of it.
The cultural proximity, the mild winter and the fact that the two countries speak the same language are the Portuguese assets when competing for the coveted highly qualified workers in the technological market.
“Salary is one of the most interesting topics, but most Brazilians, in my opinion, do not come because of salaries. In São Paulo, you usually earn more than here. Brazilians are concerned with quality of life ”, says José Paiva, president of Landing Jobs, a company that recruits technology professionals for companies across Europe.
“Many of the IT professionals are young people who come with their families, with children. Having this cultural similarity and the same language helps in adaptation. At this point, Portugal has a lot of advantage over other countries ”says Paiva.

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reference: https://www.cbsi.net.br/2019/08/portugal-cria-visto-especial-para.html

Felipe Santos
Felipe Santos is a Cloud and Security Architect, with experience in Windows Server, Cluster, Storages, Backups Veeam and Office 365 environments.



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