The best Windows Server courses of 2021

Are you looking for courses to start with the right foot in the IT area? Find here the best Windows Server trainings selected by our team.

Windows Server 2019 Training

In this course, you will have a hands-on experience with very accessible didactics, even for those who are starting to use Windows Server 2019, or have never used it.

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Learning Powershell from scratch

A PowerShell course for IT professionals. from the beginning to the generation of automation scripts and much more. PowerShell is now an integral part of Microsoft operating systems and a great ally for system administrators.

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Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) series

This course covers the installation and configuration of the Microsoft Wsus service responsible for keeping all operating systems on a Microsoft network up to date.

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Active Directory and Group Policies in Windows Server 2019

This course is suitable for students who just want to study Active Directory and create Group Policies using Windows Server 2019.

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Windows server 2019 - High availability of WEB servers

In this course we will create a cluster of a WEB server from scratch and will test in practice how it is to bring down one of the servers and automatically the user who is browsing the site, is directed to the other server in the cluster.

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Windows Server 2019 + AWS + Storage

The training is focused on practice so that the student can master Windows Server 2019 and use the techniques presented in their work environment.

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Active Directory Specialization - Windows Server 2019

This training focuses exclusively on techniques related to domain control. Here you will find knowledge related to the deployment and administration of servers known as domain controllers (AD DS).

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Virtualization with Microsoft Hyper-v [Servers / Clients]

During the course, the practical concepts of virtualization will be taught with the Microsoft Hyper-v tool.

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