The new IT Professional - If you're not already, consider becoming one!

Until recently, the IT professional was seen only as a technician, with a profile focused on support that performed very restricted functions and had little impact on the business.

But, with the technological evolution of the last years, this reality has been changing. Companies realized that if they did not give due attention and there was no investment in technology, they would simply cease to exist in a few years due to the appearance of new demands and demands from customers, who seek ease and innovation. Gradually, the market became more dependent on technology and the changes gradually took place, including the profiles of these professionals.

If, in the past, those with mastery over a certain knowledge were highly valued, the future tends to consider new skills as fundamental as well, such as:

  • More innovative thinking;
  • Creativity;
  • Ability to see the evolution of technology;
  • Focus on solving more complicated problems using simple strategies;
  • Ease of relating to the other areas - communicate clearly;
  • Add value to your activity and deliver projects with more quality.

It is important to understand that it is not necessary to be an expert in everything, even because it would be difficult, but to know that, in addition to your specialty, it will always be a differential to show that you can contribute with other knowledge, diversify a little. Making an analogy with the “diversification” applied in the financial investment market, you should consider investing in other programming languages, other ERP software, in business, project management, in business intelligence, in short, according to your profile, expand your knowledge and increase its field of action.

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Your profile may be more operational, where professionals have the main function of providing sustainability to the company's infrastructure as a whole and supporting the operation. It can be more focused on systems certifications ERP, BI, Database, etc or more strategic tuned in the development of the business with a more macro view, even assisting in decision making. Or, perhaps, more focused on development apps, web, innovation and creating new demands.

Whatever it is, it is important to stay connected, understand the needs of the market and if the company you are in today is in line with your profile, to avoid the risk of not meeting the expectations of managers and being frustrated or stuck in an environment that will not allow its evolution.

The technology market will always be heated in this constant evolution in search of these professionals who are key parts in the maintenance of any project and in the construction of new scenarios. Whatever the segment, there are good opportunities and good salaries - for both men and women (that are still few in the IT market). In a few years it will be common to find great leaders at the head of many organizations from the IT area precisely because of this move and this combination of technical and business knowledge, combining strategy with communication or even professionals working in other sectors, such as finance, marketing and production , for the strong knowledge of these and other areas.

So stay tuned, seek constant learning and be aware of new trends.

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Felipe Santos
Felipe Santos is a Cloud and Security Architect, with experience in Windows Server, Cluster, Storages, Backups Veeam and Office 365 environments.



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