Microsoft releases free courses to support unemployed people with pandemic

Video classes were made available on LinkedIn and cover 10 careers, mainly in the area of technology and marketing

Faced with the economic catastrophe caused by the coronavirus, with the loss of millions of jobs worldwide due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Microsoft decided to release this Tuesday (30th) a series of free training courses to support people who seek replacement in the market.

The courses will be taught through LinkedIn, which also belongs to Microsoft. The company used the vast social network database to identify ten careers with the broadest demand for professionals. They are: software developer, sales representative, project manager, IT administrator, customer service specialist, digital marketing, IT support, data analyst, financial analyst and graphic designer.

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Courses will be available for free access on this LinkedIn page until March 31, 2021. There, you can follow the video lessons through LinkedIn Learning, following different learning routes. At the end, it is possible to obtain a certificate of completion of your preferred course.

The portal also has tips on how to prepare for interviews, including guidance on how to deal with video interviews, which can be a very present reality in the lives of those looking for jobs during this pandemic period. There are also soft skills courses, such as emotional intelligence, resilience, teamwork and confidence.

Although they are available to users worldwide, unfortunately, the courses will only be available in English, Spanish, French and German, so this can be a barrier for some interested parties. The material is duly subtitled and transcribed, so access is facilitated for those who do not have such accurate understanding.

Along with the courses, Microsoft announced the payment of US$ 20 million in support of non-profit foundations dedicated to helping people who lost their jobs during the pandemic.

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