Microsoft announces Defender for Android and iOS

A few days after making its main Office services available for Android and iOS phones in one app, Microsoft announced yet another new feature for mobile devices, but now related to security. The company is bringing its advanced threat protection software (ATP), or simply Microsoft Defender, to help companies defend their users against attacks.

Rob Lefferts, Microsoft's corporate vice president, said in an interview with CNBC that Defender will act to combat malware, which are malicious files found on malicious websites or apps downloaded from unknown locations that can damage your device. It will also be able to block the famous pishing, a more sophisticated type of scam that deceives the user into providing confidential data.

Defender does not yet have a date for reaching Android and iOS smartphones.

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Expansion of internet security

According to CBNC, security became one of Microsoft's priorities after co-founder Bill Gates sent a “reliable computing” memo to employees in 2002. The company already offers software to help IT administrators manage employees' PCs, smartphones and tablets, called Intune. In addition, it offers extensions for Chrome, Firefox and support for macOS.

In addition to support for mobile devices, Microsoft today announced Microsoft Defender support for Linux, as well as the availability of Microsoft Threat Protection for Microsoft 365 users. The service combines Defender, Office 365 ATP, Azure ATP and Microsoft Cloud App Security to search for threats between users, emails, applications and endpoints. It then uses artificial intelligence to automatically block attacks.

Reference: Engadget, CNBC

Felipe Santos
Felipe Santos is a Cloud and Security Architect, with experience in Windows Server, Cluster, Storages, Backups Veeam and Office 365 environments.



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