FIAP offers free IT courses through the Eu Capacito platform

The demand for people to work with technology only grows in Brazil. Estimates point to the need for at least 500 thousand professionals of the most diverse profiles by 2024. In addition, just to counter the 5G infrastructure, there is the possibility of creating 200 thousand jobs.

The problem is the lack of qualified professionals given the country's social context. Therefore, as one of its main actions, the Digital Brazil Movement decided to invest in a large IT training marketplace launched in November. Since then, more than 75 thousand people have visited the platform I Empower and more than 30 thousand have already chosen from more than 100 courses to qualify and be better prepared to face the digitization of the economy.

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As expected, among the most sought after courses are those of programming language as Python and Java, but the search for new technologies such as Blockchain and artificial intelligence. There is also a great interest in data analysis courses, a career with many job openings.

Below, the list of 15 free courses most accessed on the platform I Empower.

1 - Python, offered by Fiap

2 - Blockchain Advanced, offered by Fiap

3 - Create a simple website using HTML, CSS and Java Script, offered by Microsoft

4 - Get started with Microsoft data analysis

5 - Artificial and computational intelligence, offered by Fiap

6 - Emerging technological solutions, offered by Fiap

7 - Business Intelligence, offered by Fiap

8 - Come to program in Java, offered by Oracle

9 - Prepare data for analysis, offered by Microsoft

10 - Customer Experience Management, offered by Fiap

11 - Desing Thinking, offered by Fiap

12 - How to speak in public, offered by Google

13 - User Experience, offered by Fiap

14 - Data analysis in Power BI, offered by Microsoft

15 - Build your marketing career with Salesforce

reference: Digital Brazil Movement.

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