Take the most popular Harvard course in free and translated version

The Estudar Foundation launched a free translated Harvard course. The most popular at the renowned educational institution, the CS50 Computer Science course gained its Portuguese version (CC50) from the translation of the high potential network member Study Leaders Gabriel Guimarães.

The idea for the project came after Gabriel took the CS50 in 2011. Two years later, he was invited by the creator of the course, professor David Malan, to become the subject's monitor, thus having the responsibility of helping 20 other Computer Science students .

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About CC50, Harvard course translated

The idea of the CS50 is to introduce students of all levels of knowledge to Computer Science, through sets problems focused on programming and how computers and the internet work. The course provides the basis for working with Webdesign, Databases, Electronic Systems, Software programming, among others.

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The online and translated version of Fundação Estudar aims to be as faithful as possible, since all the material is translated directly from the original. However, with the course hosted on Estudar Fora's distance learning (distance learning) platform - as well as Na Prática, another of Fundação Estudar's initiatives -, the organization adds new methodological elements to the learning process, such as interactivity between students through a discussion forum. 

To do the CC50, register at Studying Outside website. After registering, you can access the course directly or wait until the link is sent to your email.

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