Why do we need to talk about evasion privacy?

We often come across news about someone who broke into the cell phone, notebook, email, Facebook account or any other “so-and-so” or “cyclone” social network and stole photos, messages and in some cases these people will suffer blackmail to pay to have their data again.

But something that nobody comments on a lot is about evasion of privacy. What is the difference between invasion and evasion?

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To understand more about the difference between the two expressions, it is important to resort to the etymology of words. To invade, from Latin invado, means to go wildly against, while evasion, from Latin evado, means to leave, to throw oneself out. We can notice, from the outset, the voluntariness as a particularity in the expressions: while the first is something contrary to the order, since in rare cases someone wants to be invaded, the second has an autonomous behavior, of choice.

In other words, I end up exposing even without wanting my privacy (evasion).

As I have been arguing lately, the problem is not technology, but people. Technology was created to help, develop, create, multiply knowledge. As it is easy today, I can take an undergraduate course at my home. But people are not prepared for this technological advance. As we have easy access to technology, it poses major problems. Because people “think” that they can do whatever they want on the virtual network. For lack of preparation, knowledge, culture or because they are not interested in what is going to happen, people just click, access, post, without even worrying about where their photo, message or publication will be. They think that the computer network, better known as the Internet, is a land without law. We arrived at the absurd, even with so many cases of pedophilia, where many parents expose their children on social networks. And where are these published photos or videos now?

There is also an apology for crime (drugs, weapons, prostitution, etc.), racism, discrimination. People are out of control. Your whole life is on the Internet. A video, a photo, a comment can turn a person's life into a major disaster.

There are people who create fake profiles and post fake photos. They are on social networks waiting for the surrender of an internet user. Common sense is essential and think several times before sharing information on social networks. According to a recent survey, 40% of users give free access to their profiles, allowing anyone to see their information and 60% restrict access to friends, family and colleagues.
Given the above, we need to make people aware of how to use the Internet safely. How not to expose yourself on social media and preserve your privacy. This is part of Digital Inclusion. On the website of the NIC (Information and Coordination Center of Ponto BR) we find several materials, videos, workshops that show the importance of security on the Internet.

In short: we do need technological advances, but the most important thing is to know how we can use it safely.

So BEWARE what and where you post your information.

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