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Microsoft released a collection of Ebooks some time ago to deepen our productivity on Microsoft Office 365 and consequently leaving us prepared for the job market.
In this compilation we find 12 Official Microsoft Ebooks with the best practices in the market, since this is today, essential for success and finally also tips on collaboration and productivity.

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Enabling and Managing MFA Authentication using Office 365
How to use data loss prevention in Office 365
Understand the new modality of Add-ons for Office 365 licenses
Enable Office 365 message encryption
Full Access for an admin user in Office 365

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List of available ebooks:

  • 4 Ways OneDrive Can help you eliminate the version control headache
  • 5 reasons your IT team will benefit from a collaboration suite
  • 5 Tips for Improving Collaboration
  • 7 ways to work smarter in the cloud
  • 10 Myths About Moving to the Cloud
  • Collaboration hacks from real-life teams
  • Elevate Your Email
  • Host Large Scale Virtual Meetings Like a Pro
  • How OneDrive for Business can solve 3 common file storage problems
  • The Ultimate Meeting Guide How To Run A Meeting Like A Pro
  • Trendwatch - The 5 essentials of unified communications
  • Unblocking Workplace Collaboration 5 Tools and Strategies

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* The ebooks are in English since it is an official material from Microsoft, on the other hand, it is a simple reading, without a doubt that you will not have difficulties in understanding the material since it is technical English.

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