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As an Information Systems student, much is said about software development. I have been working in the Infra area for almost 10 years, and in that time, I heard a lot about the old maxim in creating a system: “My machine worked normally, on your server it doesn't work”. What's up? Is it the fault of the developer or Infra? This is a doubt that we will have to go deeper.

But the point at issue is not to find the culprits. We need to take this mentality out of always "pointing" the finger. For the new software to work, it is necessary that the server works, as well as all the employees' machines that they will use. For that, the developer must know how to compile his software in all environments.

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In order to have a consensus on the subject and seek a solution, the term “DevOps” was created.

DevOps was born to describe a set of practices for integration between the software development, operations (infrastructure or sysadmin) and support teams involved (such as quality control) and the adoption of automated processes for fast and secure production of applications and services. The concept proposes new thoughts about work to value the diversity of activities and professionals involved and collaborative attitudes. It is a process that makes possible the agile development of applications in an infrastructure management model defined under rigid and bureaucratic rules.

Traditionally Development and Operations are different sectors in companies and with different motivations. The Development sector has already evolved with the adoption of agile methodologies and are more aligned with the business. The sector is already able to deliver fast and constant deliveries to meet customer expectations for new features and thus enhance the company's product. The Operations area, in turn, wants the least possible changes in the production environment, as they can generate a new point of instability which will devalue the company's product. So there are conflicting interests. One sector wants to evolve and the other guarantees.

The DevOps culture is based on 3 pillars:

• Continuous Integration: easy transfer of knowledge and experiences between the Development, Operations and Support areas.
• Continuous Deployment: rapid and continuous release of new versions of software or services.
• Continuous feedback: frequent feedbacks from the teams involved in all phases of the software or service lifecycle.

Now that I know what it is, how can I practice a DevOps model?

Daniel Rosa on his website Cloud Journey It says like this:

There are countless tools related to the DevOps ecosystem, but the 6 steps presented here do not refer to any tool. It is important that each company or IT team define the strategy to be adopted, seeking to understand all barriers to be overcome. There is no cake recipe, so the steps below provide a general idea of how to get started on this journey.

6 passos para o devops do guia Jornada para Nuvem

With DevOps, your organization is ready to deliver better products faster. By bringing people, processes and technologies together with shared tools and practices, you gain benefits such as shorter development times, faster time to market and higher product quality.

And now developers and infrastructure analysts, are we going to apply DevOps?

And there's more news about DevOps coming up. Don't miss the next articles.


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