Labeling and opening a PDF document with Azure Information Protection (AIP)

In today's article we will talk about a subject that still causes a lot of difficulties in Azure Information Protection: how to label and open a PDF file.

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The first step is the activation of the UL, which has become mandatory. After that and the updated clients on the machines, let's go to practice:

To label a document with AIP:

  • Select the document to be labeled:
  • Right-click and then “Classify and Protect”

The label window will open. Bearing in mind that when applying encrypted labels (Confidential, Restricted, etc.) senders can define which access permissions will be granted to recipients, which can be internal or external recipients on your network (this depends a lot on how each company configured their labels). However, recipients cannot remove the encryption.

Opening a labeled PDF

There are 3 ways to open a labeled PDF:

  • The first is by the AIP Reader. Right click on the document, then “Open as” and finally “Azure Information Protection Viewer”.
  • The second is for Edge, and you should follow the same procedure above, but clicking on Microsoft Edge:

After installing this plugin, you will select the document, right click and choose “Open with”, then select Adobe Reader DC:

The following screen will appear:

Then a code will be sent to the email in question, just type it in the field above and the document will be opened. 

PS: It is possible to set any of the 3 programs mentioned (AIP Viewer, Edge or Adobe) as the default for .pdf files, so you only need a double click on the file to open it.



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