How to perform vCenter Backup via VAMI


vCenter Backup will be performed through Appliance Management.

This complete backup includes all configuration, inventory, status, events and tasks data.

For the data storage repository, we will use a Storage NAS, and data recording will be enabled through the NFS protocol.

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  1. NFS repository on storage;
  2. Credentials with write permissions;
  3. Administrative access in VAMI;
  4. KeePass (password storage software).

Technical Procedure

  1. Create NFS repository on Storage;
  2. Create backup routine in VAMI
vCenter – VAMI Backup Configure 01

Enter the following information:

Backup Location: nfs://Storage_address/Directory/Backup-vCenter/NFS_Backup_VC

Backup server credentials

username: admin

Password: on KeePass

Schedule: Weekly (weekly) 07:00 PM America/Sao_Paulo

Number of backups to retain: 10 backup

vCenter – VAMI Backup Configure 02

To save the settings made, click on SAVE.

Once configured, it will display the summary screen, see below:

vCenter – VAMI Backup Configure 03

In the next step, we will run the routine that was just set up.

  • Backup in progress
vCenter – VAMI Backup Configure 04

For security reasons, the information where the backups are stored is hidden.


Do you know what VAMI is?

VAMI is the vCenter Server Appliance management interface for performing basic and administrative configuration tasks. This interface allows you to perform some tasks through the web interface instead of using the command line interface.


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