How to migrate files from Google Drive to Microsoft 365

Microsoft recently introduced new features that allow data migration from other platforms such as Google Drive, Box, Onedrive and others, thus facilitating the transfer of your corporate files between environments.

In this article we will demonstrate how to perform the Google Drive data migration using this new feature.

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Initial settings

Access the Sharepoint Administration Center and click on the left menu on the option Migration.

find the option Google Workspace and click Starta.

You will be presented with the view where you can connect to your Google Workspace environment, click on Connect to Google Workspace.

Now you will be asked to Install the Migration application, click on Install and authorize To go to Google Workspace Marketplace and select Domain Installation and follow the steps to install and authorize.

Installation can take up to 24 hours to complete and will free up the API for use in the migration connector.

After installing the Microsoft 365 migration, you will be able to proceed with the setup process. click in Connect to Google Workspace to authenticate to Google and complete the process.

After authentication, it will perform the Google Workspace API connection already authorized.

The dashboard will start to find users and you can scan the account you want to migrate data.

You are now able to start scanning your Google Workspace data before starting the migration.

Once the scan is complete, you will be able to start the migration process by clicking on Copy for Migrations.

After this process, click on Archive and you will be able to choose the destination of the data.

After selecting the destination, the copy will start and you will be able to check the copied data after the process is finished.


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