Schedule a reboot on Windows Server

If you already had the need to schedule a reboot on Windows Server and tried to use the traditional “at” command, you will notice that since Windows Server 2012 this command has been discontinued.

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To schedule the reboot, use the command below just changing the time and data according to your need:

schtasks / create / tn “Scheduled Reboot” / tr “shutdown / r / t 0” / sc once / st 12:20:00 / sd 02/03/2020 / ru “System”
It is also possible to perform this activity through the Task Scheduler by creating a task:

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Give it the desired name and click next> select the period the task will be performed> next again and enter the date and time for the restart> click next.

In actions, select to start a program> Select Powershell and enter the argument “Restart-Computer -Force”> Advance and Complete the creation of the task.

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