4 tips for a successful migration between Microsoft 365 Tenants

These quick tips will help ensure that the migration from tenant to tenant from Microsoft 365 / Office 365 is a success:

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Make sure that both tenants are organized and up to date as part of your pre-migration planning

Organized renters make it easy to decide which resources are worth bringing in, and keeping track of ownership and permissions will take you one step further when it comes to ensuring data security at its new destination.

Create an inventory of what you have and what you need to migrate

Having a detailed inventory of both environments makes it easier to estimate the effort required and define the scope of your migration.

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Identify and correct potential problems in advance to ensure a successful tenant-to-tenant migration

Identify and correct potential problems before starting the migration to minimize downtime and possible impact on users.

Include everything in the migration process your team will need The integrated nature of the Microsoft 365 productivity suite means that you need to bring more than just SharePoint content. In particular, Microsoft Teams data migration has become more critical to ensuring a seamless transition.

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