15 high tech positions with salaries of up to R$ 45 thousand

The area of technology and professionals with digital skills remain the most sought after in the labor market in 2020.

With more and more companies undergoing digital transformation, the talent vacuum with the technical skills to fill market demand is increasing.

By 2024, the search for these professionals will reach 70 thousand per year in Brazil, but the number of graduates in the area will be 46 thousand, according to data from the Brazilian Association of Information and Communication Technology Companies (Brasscom).

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One of the trends are areas related to data, cloud computing and cybersecurity. Mainly by the implementation of the General Data Protection Law (LGPD), which should come into force later this year if it is not postponed to 2022. Click here to learn more

There are still few specialists in this field and recruiters should have trouble hiring them. Those who already have experience in the area have no difficulty in getting jobs and are not usually interested in having a permanent job, preferring autonomy and freedom to choose when they work.

On the technical side, three programming languages are even more relevant: Python, Node.js and Java.

In addition, other skills will also be important to train digital professionals, working directly with the IT area or not. Are they:

- Critical Thinking and Innovation
- Cognitive Flexibility
- Data Driven Mindset
- Storytelling
- User Experience Mindset
- Creativity and Digital Culture

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Node.js developer

What are you doing: works in the development of applications and programs using the Node.js language, applying good software engineering practices to guarantee quality and enable the continuous evolution of the system. A process common to the development area, the programmer will act in all stages until he has the final product, from the design activities to the implementation and delivery to users.

Profile: Professionals who have no experience with Node.js, but know JavaScript well, can have a smoother transition to start working with Node. Knowing agile methods and having good notions of incremental development of a digital product contribute a lot to the success in the area. In addition, as it is about technology, it is essential to always be up to date on the evolution of language and also on what they are doing in the market.

Why is it hot: we see an increasing increase in the use of websites and web systems by companies of all sizes and segments, and Node.js has been widely used. Therefore, the demand for professionals who understand this technology well follows the same growth rate.

Salary: between R$ 2 thousand and R$ 9 thousand

Python Developer

What are you doing: is responsible for developing systems using the Python language, performing programming according to technology and also seeking improvements in current applications.

Profile: results oriented, analytical, detailed and autonomous

Why it's hot: the Python language continues to rise with use by companies like Google and Spotify. The main reason for the rise of its use is the ease of learning for beginners, in addition to excellent resources in your library. It is a very prevalent language in data science, artificial intelligence and Big Data, recent concepts that make the professional even more valued in the market.

Salary: between R$ 7 thousand and R$ 14 thousand

RPA Developer

What are you doing: specialist in robotic process automation. In other words, it is the developer who works on structuring and implementing automation solutions with the use of software, better known as robots. The focus is on replacing repetitive and operational tasks with automations, increasing the day-to-day efficiency of companies.

Profile: The position requires specific skills and knowledge of practices such as mapping and documenting processes, as well as planning and developing automations. It is essential to know how to program and have a good understanding of the software development process, adopting practices such as implementing automated tests in order to guarantee quality. In addition to understanding workflow automation project management, it is also essential to have the ability to navigate different RPA solutions, such as UiPath or Automation Anywhere.

Why it's hot: more and more companies are focused on optimizing operations, seeking to reduce costs and, consequently, better results. With RPA, organizations can automate business processes, allowing users to spend more time on other activities that essentially require human attention such as direct support to their customer base.

Salary: between R$ 2 thousand and R$ 8 thousand

Java Developer

What are you doing: is responsible for developing systems using the Java programming language, implementing the programs and also carrying out tests and improvement analyzes on applications already developed

Profile: results oriented, analytical, detailed and autonomous

Why is it hot: Java is still the standard most used by companies for its versatility and history of use, which provides a very engaged developer community.

Salary: between R$ 5 thousand and R$ 12 thousand

.NET Developer

What are you doing: Plan, code, debug and test systems using the .NET platform. That is, a professional participates in the entire development cycle, acting from the activities of understanding what will be developed, through the implementation / debugging / testing of new features, to the maintenance of the system through small improvements and / or resolution of eventual corrections mapped to users.

Profile: The market seeks professionals focused on .NET application development, using the best software engineering practices in line with a product's evolution strategy. In other words, there is a great demand for developers who know .NET well, but who also focus on delivering the greatest value to the customer in the shortest possible time, always valuing the quality of the system and the best user experience.

Why is it hot: the need to hire qualified people has increased due to the growth of websites and applications built using the .NET language.

Salary: between R$ 2 thousand and R$ 6 thousand

DevOps Specialist

What are you doing: It works closely with the software development team, expanding the knowledge of developers about infrastructure, disseminating practices of the DevOps culture and contributing to increase speed and quality in value deliveries. In practice, it is the professional who works bringing mechanisms to have more reliability and quality for the systems, from the idealization of the product, through implementation to delivery to the final customer.

Profile: In essence, it must be immersed in development activities, thinking about ways to simplify processes, increase efficiency in the use of infrastructure, achieve higher quality in deliveries and reduce the response time of applications to the client. Monitoring system performance indicators, understanding how to expand captured data and bringing this awareness to developers is also part of the job. It is necessary to have knowledge in development methodologies and must be proactive to automate processes and tasks. It is also essential that you have knowledge of solutions / systems architecture so that, with this, you can apply the best practices in the implementation of environments.

Why is it hot: at the moment, we have IT increasingly active in the business and broad interest growth of companies in optimizing their processes to achieve better results. Corporations of all sizes are attuned to innovations, especially with regard to gains in operational efficiency, increased quality of services and satisfaction of internal and external customers

Salary: between R$ 3 thousand and R$ 13 thousand

Data Scientist

What are you doing: Its role is to bring decisive visions to the company, making it more intelligent, handling the historical data that the company has, or in this case, the data of its customers, which may be decisive in the company's future decision-making.

Profile: analytical professionals, with logical thinking, skill with numbers, knowledge in programming, with training in Computing, Statistics, Mathematics, etc.

Why is it hot: they are valuable information, which once interpreted and placed intelligence on them, can take the company's performance to another level, as it will give the correct focus to where the company's strategy should be directed.

Salary: between R$ 8 thousand and R$ 20 thousand

Product Owner

What are you doing: main responsible for organizing the list of activities and the sprints that will constitute the stages of development, implementation, and launch of resources in products.

Profile: in addition to development techniques to implement in the product, you must also master management techniques and models, ensuring that efforts are directed in a way that effectively contributes to the project's improvement process.

Salary: on average, 7,228 reais

UX Specialist (User Experience)

What are you doing: the function of this professional is to define the best combination of visual elements to improve the user's interaction with a product or service.

Profile: develops new products with market demand in mind, evaluates and measures consumer experience, user navigation, among others.

Why is it hot: with digital growth it is very easy to obtain any information or experience from another user regarding products or companies, the consumer has been increasingly demanding and focused on the good experience.

Salary: Between R$ 5 thousand and R$ 12 thousand

Software engineer

What are you doing: software, web and mobile development and architecture.

Profile: development of Web (Backend or Frontend) and mobile (Android or IOS) applications, using different types of programming language, frameworks and database. In many positions they are also responsible for designing the architecture and defining the technologies to be used.

Why is it high: the market is experiencing an increase in these positions due to digital transformation projects in several sectors and also by the growth of startups.

Salary: between R$ 8 thousand to R$ 18 thousand

Information Security Specialist

What are you doing: information security professional is responsible for the integrity of sensitive information to the business, also ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information to the organization. It has a very important role in the business continuity in collaborating for availability and authenticity of information in Systems and Infrastructure.

Profile: Systemic view, structured communication, relational profile, propositional view, conciliator

Why is it hot: Ensuring data security is one of the main challenges for corporations in a Digital environment. The arrival of the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) brings additional evidence to the area, making professionals who combine technical vision with a holistic view of business and data governance increasingly valued and required by the market ·

Salary: between R$ 15 thousand and R$ 20 thousand

IT Manager

What are you doing: Below the CTO (technology director) is the IT manager, who, in partnership with him, conducts the projects, organizing and reviewing processes with the work teams. It is also his task to identify opportunities for applying new technologies in the day-to-day operation.

Profile: Solid knowledge in the Technology subareas. With certifications such as PMP, PMBOK, ITIL, profiles with knowledge in agile methodologies are very well requested, English here is also interesting for the position.

Salary: Between R$ 15 thousand and R$ 30 thousand

Why it's hot: The era of digital globalization demands more than ever IT professionals

DPO (Data Protection Officer)

What are you doing: with the new General Data Protection Law, which comes into force in August 2020, the DPO will be the professional in charge of administering and evaluating all company data, from the collection to the processing of the information. It will also have a role of interlocutor with the regulatory data inspection body.

Profile: it is important that the professional has an interdisciplinary view, encompassing technology governance, information security and cybersecurity, in addition to understanding about the new legislation that will come into force. It is important that you are a good communicator to interact with authorities and data professionals.

Why it is on the rise: the position of DPO is extremely new and the market is still in the process of maturing in terms of position, demanding many professionals at this time.

Salary: between R$ 20 thousand and R$ 30 thousand

CDO (Chief Digital Officer)

What are you doing: executive responsible for leading the digital transformation of companies.

Profile: needs to be a hybrid professional, used to technology routines and the digital universe. Ability to be involved in multiple tasks in the company, such as decision making through data, transformation of processes and knowledge, ability to relate to the main stakeholders in different areas, such as production, sales and marketing, in addition to information technology. information; and being able to deal with the company's organizational culture, mainly with the transformation of people and not only of IT, within the context of digital transformation.

Why is it hot: the CDO's work allows technologies such as big data, internet of things, mobility and artificial intelligence and methodologies and concepts such as design thinking, design sprint, Scrum, DevOps and MVP to be adopted to improve the company's performance and efficiency, achieved and guaranteeing better results at a higher speed.

Salary: between R$ 30 thousand to R$ 45 thousand

CTO (Chief Tecnhology Officer)

What are you doing: In translation, he is the technology director, responsible for the entire operation of the company focused on the technical area, ensuring that the IT department has satisfactory performance. This role involves relevant decisions on which solutions to adopt in order to obtain the best cost-benefit ratio.

Profile: tuned, with strong performance in the IT subareas. Profiles working in Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 are preferred by recruiters. It is understood that English is an almost mandatory requirement.

Why it's hot: The era of digital globalization demands more than ever IT professionals.

Salary: between R$ 30 thousand and R$ 40 thousand

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Felipe Santos is a Cloud and Security Architect, with experience in Windows Server, Cluster, Storages, Backups Veeam and Office 365 environments.



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